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Welcome to Cosmic-Surfers, the resources for your GDI business marketing.

What can a GDI domain bring you?

presented by Cosmic-Surfers.

Cosmic-Surfers.WS started publishing this website domain with the main goal to upload the splash pages that we use for advertising our main business.


Since we joined our main business opportunity GDI and later the GDI Coop, we needed a web domain and hosting service to get our advertisements seen as much as possible. At first we were only looking for our own domain for other marketing opportunities we were involved in. But in 2003 we decided that our efforts to build a stable and long term income stream from more then 1 or 2 different business plans was be too much effort and it divided our attention too much to build our business seriously. So we decided to focus on only one main opportunity: GDI.


We decided to store our self created advertising pages (splash pages) here on this domain and to publish these splash pages as an example for our GDI partners and visitors that are looking for help on website exposure and free marketing resources. This way we also show that a unique domain name and hosting as provided by Global Domains International, can be used this way as an example.


As a matter of fact, most of these splash pages here generate money, and their total value is way higher then the 10 dollar monthly subscription that we pay to have this great unique domain and it's reliable website hosting services! Some of the splash pages presented below, do promote marketing resources that we indirectly use to promote our GDI business. But still these marketing resources, like Traffic Exchanges, do have their own business plan and as an affiliate we do make money along with using these programs for our own advertising. As you might understand, you can make money with your own chosen domain name hosted by GDI in many many different ways!


The way we use our website-domain presented here, is just one of those methods. Our splash pages we published on this domain and some of these are presented below, are created to be advertised in Traffic Exchange industry and for Safelist marketing. We can tell you, this works, since using splash pages is a very effective and simple marketing method. On top of that; it is cheap!

Our two main home based business opportunities: both enable their resellers or affiliates to earn themselves a reliable and residual income, generated from the comfort of our own homes. Please, do not expect that this is the an easy way to build a huge income within a few weeks. This takes time and effort and we have been doing this for many years already and none of us were able to fully depend on this income. It takes years to get that far, but at least we manage to keep our business running and make some profits along with that.   


Examples for how you can use your personal .WS websites to generate income for you:

Cosmic-Surfers uses their domain hosting, that is provided by GDI, for only $10/month, mainly for splash page advertising purposes. GDI offers a solid (more then 10 years working like "clockwork" reseller compensation plan that pays its members 5 levels deep! This website domain is used as a marketing tool. The bandwidth that comes along with the website hosting services is more then sufficient! And the 10 email addresses chosen freely, tools, templates, website editors and hosting services are completing the whole setup. Really, $10 dollar monthly is a great deal for all of this!


As already mentioned, we use the GDI Coop to build our GDI business. This Coop became a great help and addition to this GDI business. Because it is hard to do all the work all alone, and in the Coop, every Co-op members helps each other.

The GDI Co-op was the vision of the Internet marketer Marc Loranger. Marc originally established an advertising co-op for his GDI team members. Word got out, and affiliates all over the world wanted in on the coop advertising model. So, Marc decided to open it up to everyone - no matter who their sponsor in GDI happened to be. You can join the GDI advertising Coop without rejoining or changing just about anything you are currently doing!

How? Well, the GDI Coop collects a small fee of $3.50 per month to help you advertise your GDI affiliate link through the co-op. That's right... for only $3.50 per month, your GDI user name can be added to our rotator (in all GDI words, green and red buttons of this page and on the "How it works" page).

You are responsible for getting 25 unique clicks to your affiliate link each day to be added to the rotator for the next day. Don't worry, getting 25 clicks per day is not hard to do when you follow the directions outlined in the Advertisement & Training page.


Find Cosmic-Surfers splash page examples below:



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below, you can find some of our most effective splash pages:

The Business Opportunity that we keep reading about online:  


It is a Quality Premier Domain Name, Domain Hosting, Website Builder, Email Service Provider.
That pays a reliable, substantial, recurring income each and every month for over 10 years already! GDI offers a proven solid reseller/affiliate income plan in place, enabling every GDI website owner to generate themselves a steady residual income. Done by simply reselling GDI website hosting services! You will sell an honest product, offered by a stable and established company. This opportunity turned out to be a solid hosting and domain service company with great services! Interested? Check the new GDI movie! (opens in new tab/window). With the help from GDI and your up line, you can start your home based business right now! To make your GDI-business even stronger and easier to build, we added out best supporting program to that: GDI Coop.  

Check the Cosmic-Surfers splash pages that are frequently advertised currently.

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Our latest Splash page:

GDI Coop Splash 4

GDI Coop Splash 1

GDI Coop Splash 3

GDI Coop Splash 2

 GDI Promo

Financial Freedom Splash

GDI Splash 1

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Click Thru Splash

Traffic Hoopla

Our best advertising tool and method:

The company that brings FREE visitors to all the links and pages you want to present. Visit Traffic Hoopla, to understand how easy it can be to direct thousands of visitors to the products you have to offer! All is explained very clearly for everyone. And remember: this is our FREE traffic and downline builder!

Traffic Hoopla Splash 1

Other splash pages for recommended affiliate Tools below:

HitSilo Splash

Hits by the Pound

Hit2Hit Splash

Hit2Hit Splash 2

Hits2U Splash

Traffic Era splash 2

RoboForm Splash

Traffic Era Team page

Web Traffic Ads

Lords of Traffic Team Page
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Cosmic-Surfers, GDI and GDI Coop would like to thank you for your visit.


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